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Rodipet Hazelnut Chew Sticks - 50g

Rodipet Hazelnut Chew Sticks - 50g

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Rodipet Hazelnut Chew Sticks - 50g

Rodipet Hazelnut Chew Sticks is made up of natural wood for chewing and sharpening their teeth. The incisors of all rodents keep growing throughout their entire lives - which is very necessary, since in the wild, hamster and friends use their front teeth for freeing nuts and seeds from their hard shells. To keep their toothy-pegs sharp and ready to use, they often start chewing anything and everything when living in human care.

Offering additional, animal-appropriate objects to gnaw on can help extend the life span of houses and other cage furnishings. While each individual pet has his own preferences as to what he likes to gnaw, many enjoy chewing hazelnut branches. For this reason, we recommend keeping one or two chew sticks in the cage at all times. The wood itself is, of course, as safe for your pet as the bark is, yet many rodents are no longer interested after stripping off the bark. If this is true for your pet, it is advisable to replace chew sticks with new ones once they have been fully stripped of bark.

- 100% healthy and natural, without additives
- Satisfies the urge to chew
- Keeps rodents’ teeth healthy
- Widely accepted and enjoyed
- 50g

Suitable for:
- Hamsters
- Gerbils
- Rabbits
- Prairie Dogs
- Chinchillas
- Guinea Pigs
- Mices
- Rats
- Degus

Hazelnut branches

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