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Rodipet Organic Syrian Hamster Food “JUNiOR” - 500g
Rodipet Organic Syrian Hamster Food “JUNiOR” - 500g

Rodipet Organic Syrian Hamster Food “JUNiOR” - 500g

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Rodipet Organic Syrian Hamster Food “JUNiOR” - 500g

Our JUNiOR Mix is tailored to the needs of young Syrian hamsters. Its components are perfectly balanced to supply all the nutrients and energy an active young hamster needs to grow and develop. This also makes it an ideal food for pregnant or lactating females.

Carefully selected delicious herbs, quality seeds, tasty roots and tender vegetables from organic sources remind us of the steppes of Syria, which are the original habitat of hamsters of the species Mesocricetus auratus.

Indeed, we have made a number of excursions to Syria to explore the natural habitat and the food sources available to the wild hamsters there in various seasons. The results of research into the Syrian hamsters’ natural habitat in the highlands of Aleppo form the basis of this food. These findings were used along with the guidelines of the Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover (being the veterinary college of Hannover) as well as experience from many years of hamster keeping to create an ideal food for your little friend.

- Age-appropriate diet
- With vegetables and herbs
- High-quality natural ingredients
- From the food range of the natural habitat
- Organically sourced ingredients
- Organic certified by Eco-Monitoring Unit DE-021
- 500g

Suitable for:
- Syrian Hamster

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Fibre - 7.9%
Crude Protein - 14.9%
Crude Oils and Fats - 9.2%
Crude Ash - 3.2%

Naturally contained minerals per 100 g:
calcium: 220 mg, phosphorus: 410 mg, magnesium: 300 mg, potassium: 720 mg, sodium: 45 mg

Naturally contained trace elements:
iron: 12.85 mg, manganese: 5.11 mg, zinc: 4.32 mg, copper: 0.89 mg

Corn flakes, yellow millet, oat flakes, barley, carrots, pumpkin seeds, rye, parsnip, parboiled peas, beetroot, amaranth, hempseed, buckwheat, brown linseed, parsley leaves, birch leaves, dandelion root, spinach leaves, fennel seeds, golden linseed, sesame seeds, toasted soybeans, hazel leaves (all ingredients are organically sourced)

Feeding Guidelines:
Feed 1.5 heaped measuring spoons and one to two insects of your choice per day.

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