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Sanko Wild Lactic Acid Bacteria Supplement  - 20g
Sanko Wild

Sanko Wild Lactic Acid Bacteria Supplement - 20g

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Sanko Wild Lactic Acid Bacteria Supplement - 20g

Lactic acid bacteria are a general term for bacteria that eat sugar and produce lactic acid. They exist innumerably in nature and also live in the mouth and intestines of animals. It regulates the intestinal environment and suppresses harmful bacteria, and there are hundreds of them.

Some modern foods use preservatives and bactericides, and are heat-treated or sterilized, killing bad bacteria and lasting longer, but also weakening beneficial bacteria. Therefore, it is easy to run out of beneficial intestinal bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, in the intestines.

When there is a shortage of lactic acid bacteria, germs and pathogens increase, causing spoilage and producing harmful substances. When they are carried into the body, the body's resistance weakens and causes various diseases.

It is a living lactic acid bacterium that boosts the immunity of pets and supports a healthy life.

- Helps to boost the immunity
- Supports a healthy lifestyle
- Available in 20g

Suitable for:
- Rabbits
- Guinea pigs
- Chinchillas
- Hamsters
- Squirrels
- Mices
- Rats
- Gerbils
- Squirrels
- Sugar Gliders

Cereals, skim milk powder, cellulose, sucrose, apple fiber, xylitol, lactic acid bacteria


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