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Sanko Wild Papaya Supplement - 100g
Sanko Wild

Sanko Wild Papaya Supplement - 100g

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Sanko Wild Papaya Supplement - 100g

In the stomach of a rabbit, the hair swallowed during grooming may not be exhaled and may accumulate in the stomach to form hair bulbs. If the hair bulb becomes clogged with the gastrointestinal tract, it cannot be digested or excreted normally, and in severe cases, it may be a cause of death.

Adequate exercise, hydration, and a high-fiber diet are essential for basic hair bulb prevention. They increase motility in the intestinal tract and accelerate the passage of food through the digestive tract, helping to prevent swallowed hair and the like from accumulating in the stomach.

Papaya is known to contain many components that can be expected to have effects such as protein decomposition, lipolysis, and sugar decomposition.

Papaya supplements can easily replenish the ingredients of papaya, help break down the proteins that make up the hair bulbs in the stomach, help burn fat, and help with healthy digestive activities. In addition, cellulose (dietary fiber) is added to help discharge.

- Improves digestions
- Great as a precautionary supplement for GI stasis
- Natural enzymes that aids digestion

Suitable for:
- Rabbits
- Guinea pigs
- Chinchillas

Cereals, skim milk powder, cellulose, sucrose, oligosaccharides, xylitol, processed papaya, carrot powder

Directions for use:
At the time of hair change, give about 2 to 3 capsules per 1 kg of body weight every day. At other times, give the same amount every 1 to 2 days.


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