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Sapsal Soft Pet Mat (Grey)
Sapsal Soft Pet Mat (Grey)
Sapsal Soft Pet Mat (Grey)
Sapsal Soft Pet Mat (Grey)
Sapsal Soft Pet Mat (Grey)

Sapsal Soft Pet Mat (Grey)

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Sapsal Soft Pet Mat (Grey)

Sapsal Mat is a brand for eco-friendly pet products launched for our beloved pet friends. Sapsal mat is a product for pets which pets can rest comfortably. Sapsal mat can prevent patella dislocation and impact on foot. SAPSAL is a waterproof dog mat with extra cushioning.

Portable and easily rolled up - ideal for use in crates, kennels, porches, vehicles, boats, outdoors and camping areas.

Made from eco-friendly materials used for baby toys, the SAPSAL mat does not contain any formaldehydes or phthalates and has been certified by international certification organizations.

Unlike rugs or fabrics, the SAPSAL mat is free from worms or ticks. Your loving dog is protected from skin problems because it is hygienic.

Easy to keep clean – just wipe it or wash with water.
No additional cushions or pads needed when you have a SAPSAL mat.

When in contact with warm floors or animal skin, the SAPSAL mat gets even warmer. It draws heat away from your pet which helps them in cooling down.

It provides extra cushioning and comfort while your dog sleeps or lies on it.

Give your dog comfort with a SAPSAL mat.

- Waterproof
- Draws heat away from pet which in turn, cools them down
- Non-slip
- Anti-microbial
- Hygienic
- Extra cushioning to lessen impact on foot
- Extremely portable (can be rolled up to be use elsewhere)
- Eco-friendly material
- Free from worms / ticks
- Washing made easy (wipe or wash with water)
- No additional cushions required
- No formaldehydes
- Made in Korea
- Available in Grey (with yellow printing) and Blue (with yellow printing) [Dogs can see blue and yellow vert clearly]
- Available in Small (90 x 63 x 0.8cm), Large (140 x 100 x 0.8cm)

Suitable for:
- Dogs
- Cats

Small - 90cm x 63cm x 0.8cm (Length x Width x Thickness) - 0.8kg
Large - 140cm x 100cm x 0.8cm (Length x Width x Thickness) - 2.0kg

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