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SunSun Surface Skimmer JY-03

SunSun Surface Skimmer JY-03

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SunSun Surface Skimmer JY-03

A surface skimmer can be used as a preventive measure for small bits of unfinished food material, debris, or protein buildup as a result of overfeeding. The skimmer skims the surface of the water and helps to improve water quality at all times. This is a worthwhile add-on to an aquarium that everyone should consider. 

Also, it comes with an airline that you can attach to the power head at the bottom so that it can introduce more air bubbles into your aquarium. Having more air bubbles also mean more surface agitation. More surface agitation means that there is more gaseous exchange happening resulting in more oxygenated water. 

Having no oily surface film or protein bubbles on the surface of your water also means better light penetration. It is better for your plants and pets alike. Aesthetically, it is also more pleasing to the eyes. 

Removes oily surface film (may be caused by pellets etc)
- Removes excess protein buildup 
- Helps to provide better air exchange on water surface
- Provide better light penetration
- Constantly get rid of surface film residue and brings new water up
- Helps in improving water quality

- 220-240V / 50Hz
- 5 Watts
- 0.75m (Max Height)
- 300L/Hr

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