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[DISCONTINUED] Supergrubs Canned Bamboo Worms - 35g
[DISCONTINUED] Supergrubs Canned Bamboo Worms - 35g
[DISCONTINUED] Supergrubs Canned Bamboo Worms - 35g

[DISCONTINUED] Supergrubs Canned Bamboo Worms - 35g

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Supergrubs Canned Bamboo Worms - 35g

SuperGrubs Canned Bamboo Worms are ‘Cooked in The Can’ to maintain their nutritional quality with no preservatives! During the cooking process, the insects are sterilized and their softened exoskeletons provide better digestion for your animals consuming it! Our Canned Bamboo Worms are fabulous for a boost of energy as well as high in iron! These are high energy grubs which should be given to your animals occasionally to avoid obesity!

- Nutrients locked in and aroma maintained!
- Cooked in the can and sterilized!
- Softened after processing for better digestion!
- No artificial preservatives!
- Long shelf life!
- Value for money!
- Zero maintenance!
- Available in 35g

Suitable for:
- Birds (Song birds, Parrots, Chickens, Ducks)
- Fishes (Arowanas, Flowerhorns, Channas, Indonesian Tigers, Oscars, etc)
- Reptiles (Bearded Dragon, Leopard Geckos, Tokay Geckos, Blue-Tongued Skink, Turtles (Red-Ear Sliders, Malayan Box Turtle), etc)
- Amphibians (Pacman Frog, Tree Frogs, Axolotls)
- Mammals (Gerbils, Hamsters, Hedgehogs, Mices, Rats, Sugar Gliders, etc)

100% Bamboo Worms (Omphisa Fuscidentalis)

Storage Guidelines:
Take only required canned insects and refrigerate opened packages. Because our canned insects do not contain any artificial preservatives, refrigeration or freezing is recommended for any opened packages. Best use within 24 hrs. Keep unused insects up to 72 hrs maximum. Discard insects once mould is present. Do not reuse insects! Keep away from direct sun and store in cool dry place below 22°C for unopened packages.

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