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Tetra Biocoryn - 12 Capsules

Tetra Biocoryn - 12 Capsules

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Tetra Biocoryn - 12 Capsules

Tetra Biocoryn prevents the build up of sludge and unpleasant odours. Tetra Biocoryn contains highly active enzymes and bacterial concentrates, which decontaminate the water and accelerate the decomposition of organic material, such as uneaten food, fish waste and dead plant material. The special formula, which offers immediate, long-lasting results, safely breaks down mulm and prevents further accumulation of sludge. Unpleasant odours are eliminated and the water becomes clear and healthy.

- Contains highly effective microorganisms which accelerate the decomposition of organic material, such as food and plant debris, as well as solid fish waste
- Permanently eliminates unpleasant odours from the water
- Prevents build up of sludge on the substrate
- Accelerates the breakdown of mulm in the substrate
- Safely decontaminates the water
- Prevents water clouding and ensures clear, healthy water
- Reduces filter contamination
- Prevents the build up of harmful organic substances and prevents filter material from becoming blocked
- Enhances the tank's biological balance and ensures healthy water conditions
- Keeps the level of maintenance to a minimum by reducing the frequency of cleaning and prolonging the filter's service life
Improved formula with highly active enzymes and spores for immediate, long-lasting results
- 12 Capsules

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