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Tetra Cichlid XL Sticks - 320g

Tetra Cichlid XL Sticks - 320g

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Tetra Cichlid XL Sticks - 320g

Tetra Cichlid Sticks have been expertly designed from the specialists at Tetramin headquarters to offer top feeding Cichlid species with all-round nutrition. The 320g tub of food sticks contain all the nutritional requirements needed and are rich in protein for a healthy balanced diet. Tetra Cichlid Sticks are a floating pellet which remains on the surface of the water for easy feeding access. The pellets are enhanced with Vitamin C and the patented, health enhancing ProCare blend from TetraMin®. Tetra Cichlid sticks are not just suitable for large cichlids but are ideal for large freshwater fish too, providing a free-floating hearty diet. Tetra Cichlid food is rich in protein, vitamins and nutrients perfectly blended to meet the dietary requirements of cichlids and its patented formula promises a healthy life and a guarantee of the best growth and developmental results from your fish.

- The sticks float on the surface of the water and suit the fish's natural eating habits, due to their worm-like size and shape
- The nutrient content meets Cichlids' increased requirements for animal proteins and ensures a naturally balanced nutrition, as in the wild
- Promotes well-being, naturally intense colouring and growth
- 320g

Containing a high level of fish proteins, vegetable matters, vitamins and minerals.

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