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Tetra EasyBalance - 100ml / 500ml

Tetra EasyBalance - 100ml / 500ml

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Tetra EasyBalance - 100ml / 500ml

Stabilises important water values for up to six months, extending the time until the next water change. Contains additional vitamins and minerals to keep fish vibrant and healthy. The visible nitrate-eliminating granules contained in the product spread throughout the aquarium and sink rapidly to the bottom where they are then activated.

- Stabilises important carbonate hardness (KH) and pH water values
- Simplifies aquarium maintenance: no need for monthly partial water changes with a moderate fish stock
- Extends the period between (partial) water changes
- Sustainably reduces phosphate and nitrate
- Contains essential vitamins and minerals for healthy fish and plants
- Minimises tap water consumption
- Suitable for all freshwater aquariums
- Ideal for simplifying the maintenance of soft water aquariums, such as those containing discus fish
- Available in 100ml, 500ml

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