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Tetra KOI Beauty First - 150g

Tetra KOI Beauty First - 150g

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Tetra KOI Beauty First - 150g

This is a staple food for young koi that comes in the form of small, floating pellets. Tetra Koi Beauty First have beta-glucans which helps your koi to build up a resistant immune system as well as beta-carotene which enahce the vibrant colour of your fish. In addition, these pellets contains key nutrients such as higher protein content which is essential for growth for your young koi.

- Balanced formula comprising high-quality nutrients for the special requirements at an early stage in life
- Rich in protein and with a high energy content to support healthy growth of young koi
- Enriched with key vitamins and essential fatty acids, such as omega-3
- Contains beta-glucan to maintain a healthy immune system
- The small pellets soften up quickly so that the fish can eat them easily
- Highly digestible, which helps to keep the water clear
- Ideal as a daily food for young koi carp
- 150g

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