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Tetra Micro Crisps - 39g

Tetra Micro Crisps - 39g

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Tetra Micro Crisps - 39g

The all new Tetra Micro Food range is designed especially for small fish with small mouths, e.g. neons, danios, guppies. The small particles soften quickly and provide a quick and easy food intake. The Micro Food range contains a balanced combination of extremely fine-grained and microsieved high-quality raw materials: while the red particles contain carotenoids for intense colouring, the green ones contain vegetable ingredients for health and vitality. Micro Food is highly palatable and digestible for less waste.

- 1.7 to 2.5 mm
- Specially developed for the different eating habits and needs of small tropical fish.
- Small particles which softens quickly and provide quick and easy food intake
- Contains balance combination of extremely fine-grain and microsieved high-quality raw materials
- Red granules contains carotenoids which enhance colour vibrancy
- Green granules contains plant ingredients which helps support health and vitality
- Highly palatable and digestible for less waste
- 39g

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