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Tetra Pond Sticks - 1.2kg

Tetra Pond Sticks - 1.2kg

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Tetra Pond Sticks - 1.2kg

An ideal maintenance diet that provides nutrition for energy, longevity, and overall health. Using quality fish food helps keep your pond clearer. Foods like Pond Sticks and Flakes are highly digestible—meaning nutrients are fully digested and not passed out into the pond to pollute and promote algae growth. It is important to only feed your fish enough food that they will consume within five minutes to avoid clouding water.

- Staple food in floating stick form for all pond fish
- Contains all essential nutrients, fiber, vitamins and trace elements
- Highly digestible
- Optimum nutrition which supports healthy immune system
- Helps in keeping pond clean
- 1.2kg

Cereals, vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, fish and fish derivatives, oils and fats, algae, yeast

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