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Tetra Arowana - 110g / 340g

Tetra Arowana - 110g / 340g

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Tetra Arowana - 110g / 340g

This is an alternative live food for large carnivorous tropical fish. This highly nutritious food is suitable with various arowanas and it is formualted with large percentage of dried live food (krill, shrimps and crabs).

- Tetra Arowana - for a long and healthy fish life of Red, Golden, Silver, Black and Australian Arowanas as well as other Osteoglossidae species.
- Formulated with large percentage (55%) of dried live foods (Shrimps and krill)
- Contain natural attractants and carotinoids to ensure prompt acceptance and beautiful colours
- Available in 110g, 340g

Molluscs and crustaceans, Vegetable protein extracts, Derivates of vegetable origin, Fish and fish derivatives, Yeasts, Oils and fats, Minerals, Algae.

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