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TetraWafer Mix - 68g

TetraWafer Mix - 68g

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TetraWafer Mix - 68g

A complete food for carnivorous and herbivorous bottom feeding fish and crustaceans. The green wafers with valuable spirulina algae are particularly suitable for herbivore, while the brown wafers are the ideal food for carnivore. As they retain its shape, the wafers correspond with the natural eating habits of the fish and crayfish that live near the ground, because they can extensively nibble the food before consuming it. Thanks to the solid consistency the water will not get cloudy.

- With Shrimps for healthy growth
- With Spirulina Algae for improved resistance
- Due to the solid consistency the wafers do not cloud the water
- 68g

Fish & fish derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, molluscs & crustaceans, yeasts, algae (spirulina maxima 1.5%) minerals, oils & fats

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