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Tica Aro-10 Tanning Light (5400K)
Tica Aro-10 Tanning Light (5400K)

Tica Aro-10 Tanning Light (5400K)

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Tica Aro-10 Tanning Light (5400K)

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Tica Aro-10 is a wildly popular tanning light from Malaysia known to show its effectiveness in just ONE week! Arowana Tanning Light have undergone special tuning to get to the most idealistic sun simulating lights for your pet Arowana. By combining the 5400K and 13000K, you'll achieve the closest you can to having sunlight in your aquarium. With appropriate amounts of UVA and UVB, you will see your Dragon Fish in it's truest form! 

It is suitable to be used for providing natural sunlight into your aquarium so as to develop colors for certain species of fish. It is also known to create a more natural environment for your fishes since it replicates sunlight.

Sunlight color temperature is a wide range at different times of the day and in order to better simulate sunlight, Tica have came up with two different tanning lights as two different color temperature. It is recommended that you use two (13000K + 5400K) of these tanning lights at the same time. 

- Sun simulating lights
- Proven UVA and UVB
- Helps to develop shine and colors in fishes
- Extremely effective in showing results in shorter periods of time
- Helps to simulate a more natural environment by providing "sunlight"
- Submersible

- Sleek (No longer requires you to place PL lights in front of your tank which blocks viewing)
- Helps with growth of plants

Suitable for:
- Arowanas (Helps develop shine and colors)
- Flowerhorns (Improve colors, pearls and crossing of the pearls on their nuchal hump)
- Channas (Improve colors)
Goldfish (Retains color)
- Planted tanks (Plant growth)

Recommendations for Tica Light:
Tanning (for all types of Arowana):
1x 13000k (Cool White)
1x 5400k (Yellow) / 3100k (Deep Gold)

You may also consider adding on a viewing light to enhance your viewing experience:
1x Tica Color Up 2

Available in:
- 92cm (3/4ft tanks and above)
- 122cm (4/5ft tanks and above)

Side Notes:
- 92cm CANNOT fit inside a 3ft tank unless fitted on top
- 92cm is suitable for 4ft tanks and above
- 122cm CANNOT fit inside a 4ft tank unless fitted on top
- 122cm is suitable for 5ft tanks and above
- Customers with 6ft tanks can consider getting 2x 92cm lights

P.S. We will collate all the orders and have them delivered out to you the soonest we can. As lights are fragile, it is not recommended that you make use of the "free courier" we provide as there were several instances where lights broke. Thus, we will not offer "free courier" for Tica lights to prevent unnecessary issues. It is only available for either self-collection via appointment OR consolidated safe delivery by us (Usually $15). 

Selecting the delivery method is highly recommended to prevent any un-claimable damages. 

Self Collection: 309 Jurong East St 32 (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)

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