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[DISCONTINUED] Tica Color Up Fish Color Pigment LED Light
[DISCONTINUED] Tica Color Up Fish Color Pigment LED Light
[DISCONTINUED] Tica Color Up Fish Color Pigment LED Light

[DISCONTINUED] Tica Color Up Fish Color Pigment LED Light

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Tica Color Up Fish Color Pigment LED Light

It is time to enhance your viewing pleasure with Tica Color Up! Bring vibrancy back once again into your aquarium! It will help to color up your fishes and decorations in the tank but not color up your water.

Tica Color Up brings out the best in everything! Be it the aesthetics of your fish or the aesthetics of your tank, it does it all!

Unlike a lot of lights out there, Tica Color Up not only enhances the red in fishes, it also enhances all other colors! 

- Targets colors and bring out the best in your fish
- Enhances aesthetics of your aquarium
- Make colors pop!
- Enhances all colors!
- Submersible

Suitable for:
- All fishes 
- Arowanas 
- Flowerhorns
- Discus
- Goldfish
- Bettas
- Tropical fishes
(Basically it will enhance the colors of all types of fishes and decors in terms of their colors without illuminating the water with other colors)

Available in:
- 52cm (Suitable for 2ft tanks and above)
- 88cm (Suitable for 3ft tanks and above)
- 112cm (Suitable for 4ft tanks and above)
- 142cm (Suitable for 5ft tanks and above)
- 172cm (Suitable for 6ft tanks and above)

P.S. We will collate all the orders and have them delivered out to you the soonest we can. As lights are fragile, it is not recommended that you make use of the "free courier" we provide as there were several instances where lights broke. Thus, we will not offer "free courier" for Tica lights to prevent unnecessary issues. It is only available for either self-collection via appointment OR consolidated safe delivery by us (Usually $15). 

Selecting the delivery method is highly recommended to prevent any un-claimable damages. 

Self Collection: 309 Jurong East St 32 (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)

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