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Versele-Laga Nature Hamster - 700g / 2.3kg
Versele Laga

Versele-Laga Nature Hamster - 700g / 2.3kg

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Versele-Laga Nature Hamster - 700g / 2.3kg

At Versele-Laga, they recognises that nature is the real home of your pets. It is where they will eat, play and discover to their heart's content. With this in mind, they have formulated their mixes to ensure that your little friend enjoy the same rich and nutritious ingredients which they will get in nature. The mix is tailored specifically to each animal so that it guarantees the best and healthiest is provided to your pet. Versela-Laga Nature Hamster is formulated with mealworms which acts as animal protein to provide a balanced diet

- Specifically tailored to each animals
- Tailored mixes ensure your pet gets the best and healthiest food
- High protein composition mix which is perfect for an active, full of energy pet
- Contains mealworms as animal protein for a balanced diet
- Extra nuts and seeds which are rich in antioxidants
- Available in 700g, 2.3kg

Suitable for:
- Hamsters

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein - 18%
Fat Content - 9%
Crude Fibre - 8%
Crude Ash - 9.5%
Calcium - 0.7%
Phosphrous - 0.4%

Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetables (green peas 12%), seeds (striped sunflower seeds 6%), vegetable protein extracts, fruit (apricot 1.5%, raisins 1%), nuts, insects (mealworms 4%), minerals, yeasts, oils and fats, herbs, MOS, FOS, calendula, grape seed

Nutritional Additives:
Vitamin A 11500 IU, vitamin D3 1400 IU, vitamin E 88 mg, 3b103 (iron) 109 mg, 3b202 (iodine) 2 mg, E4 (copper) 11 mg, 3b502 (manganese) 85 mg, 3b603 (zinc) 80 mg, E8 (selenium) 0.23 mg, 3b815 (selenium) 0.08 mg

Technological Additives:

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